Topic outline

  • General

  • Air Legislation

    This topic will introduce you to the regulatory requirements for both manned, and unmanned aircraft in Australia. By the end of this topic you will have an understanding of

    • The regulatory structure of Aviation in Australia and the documents involved,
    • The privileges and limitations of the license
    • Different classifications of Airspace
    • Rules of unmanned flight
    • Rules regarding flight over populated areas
    • An introduction to NAIP's for obtaining weather, and NOTAM information
    • An introduction to Area Approvals

    This is just one demonstration lesson out of many in the full online course.

  • Aerodynamics and Systems

    This section of the course contains all of the information on Aerodynamics including -

    • Aircraft Motion
    • Control
    • Vectors and Forces
    • Lift
    • Weight
    • Thrust
    • Drag
    • Climbing
    • Descending
    • Turning

    This sample section of the course will demonstrate one aerodynamics lesson as well as 10 sample pages from the textbook.